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Jun 15, 2023Liked by Eric Rodriguez

I think tactically speaking (in software) the following things need to be true for you to ship to production more often:

1) Infrastructure - reliable, repeatable way of deploying new development into production environments, including reasonable amount of testing to ensure you're not deploying a "grenade" into customer's orgs.

2) Requirement clarity - you generally don't want devs guessing about what is "good enough", your approach to iteration should start with a product minded business person who draws that line, and conveys their thoughts in a legible way so devs can deliver + test the MVP. I've found Gherkin ticket format to be helpful in this regard.

3) Tendency for horizontal communication - something about waiting for executives to tell you what to build guarantees you're going to spend a lot of time waiting, teams who are directly involved in CX (product, customer success, support) should have the ability to decide when to deploy/rollback new stuff

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